100% Handmade | Nitrate Free | No Additives/Fillers Western Sky's Jerky has the BEST gourmet buffalo, beef, and game jerky available! WESTERN SKY'S JERKY EXCLUSIVE! SHOP NOW It's Really, Really Good! Taste like you turned the pepper mill a few extra times for that just right delicious peppery steak flavor. Black Peppered Beef Jerky SHOP NOW Taste like our Original Flavored Buffalo Jerky, but kicked up a notch with a perfect blend of spices. Red Peppered Buffalo Jerky SHOP NOW

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The BEST gourmet buffalo, beef, and game jerky available!

Assuring you with the very finest USDA Approved

No corporate hype here; we're the real deal!

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The Western Sky’s Beef Jerky and Buffalo Jerky Store specializes in the distribution and manufacturer of QUALITY FRESH Gourmet Beef jerky, Buffalo jerky, Elk jerky, Venison jerky, Turkey jerky and even Alligator jerky on the Internet, as well as at our “Jerky Shacks” located throughout North America. All of our jerky tastes like it is straight off the barbecue smoker and is USDA approved.

And… Please understand, we make our jerky the old fashioned way – slow smoked. Most orders go out the same day, and some need a little more time because a particular item is in the smoker or a key ingredient is in transit. Bottom line: You, the customer, are always our prime concern, and we strive to ship your order as quickly as possible.

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