The Western Sky's Beef Jerky and Buffalo Jerky Store specializes in the distribution and manufacturer of QUALITY FRESH Gourmet Beef jerky, Buffalo jerky, Elk jerky, Venison jerky, Turkey jerky and even Alligator jerky on the Internet, as well as at our "Jerky Shacks" located throughout North America.   All of our jerky tastes like it is straight off the barbecue smoker and is USDA approved.

And... Please understand, we make our jerky the old fashioned way - slow smoked.   Most orders go out the same day, and some need a little more time because a particular item is in the smoker or a key ingredient is in transit.   Bottom line: You, the customer, are always our prime concern, and we strive to ship your order as quickly as possible. picks Western Sky's Jerky as the BEST gourmet buffalo, beef, and game jerky available! Rated 5 out of 5 stars, was chosen number 1 in the top 20 web sites selling jerky according to community voting, feedback, and usage patterns. Visit for the complete list.

Smokie Jack was riding across the steep, rough terraine of the San Won Padre Se Snoran Desert when suddenly his horse was spooked.   Click Here to read the rest of the Western Sky's Jerky story...     No corporate hype here; we're the real deal!

Western Sky's featured as the "BEST AMERICA HAS TO OFFER" in Maxim Magazine's "Jerky Boys" review.   Maxim sat down with the toughest crew of experts they could rustle up -- such as Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio -- to rate the best jerky in the nation.

"Western Sky's jerky is conducive to drooling in the way few things in life are. Given that owner Michael Horman got his start as a gourmet chef, his jerky's droolability may be due to the garlicky-sweet glaze. But more likely it's the uber-meaty taste, like getting punched in the mouth with a beef fist."
Chefs say: "This one's for purists: It's pure sweetness and salt." -Tom Colicchio

Story by Molly Young, reprinted from Maxim Magazine copyright 7/30/2010 Alpha Media Group, Inc.   Read the full article, click here!

FREE SHIPPING!   Purchase $75 or more in one transaction and domestic shipping is free.   Simply make your purchases and select "Free Shipping for Orders Over $75 during the checkout process.   (APO/FPO orders DO APPLY for free shipping but other international orders do not apply. Please contact us if you have questions.)   Act now on this limited time offer!  

Survival Kit Food - With the resent developments in our Gulf Coast and all the news reports, we all have come to realize just how vulnerable and unprepared we can be for disasters; be it the natural or man-made kind. We are repeatedly being told to be prepared with survival kits, water and food for survival. Our Beef Jerky and other jerky products are a great survival kit addition and can also spice up the bland survival food options available in MRE's (meals ready to eat) and always fresh. With a one year shelf-life this jerky is the perfect addition to your pantry and survival kit! Try freezing the jerky products. In case of a major power outage, the one year shelf life begins at the time you thaw the jerky! Choose from beef, antelope, buffalo, elk, alligator, turkey or venison jerky products. Jerky.... it's America's Original Survival Food!

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Smithsonian's Mitsitam Native Foods Cafe

The Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian celebrated its Grand Opening on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on September 21, 2004, and Western Sky's Jerky was chosen as the museum's exclusive jerky supplier!  The museum's Mitsitam Native Foods Cafe enhances the museum experience by providing visitors the opportunity to enjoy the indigenous cuisines of the Americas and to explore the history of Native foods. The cafe features Western Sky's Jerky.  Stop by and enjoy our fresh quality beef jerky and jerky products!


The American Museum of Natural History has chosen to sell Western Sky's Jerky in the "Cafe on 4" overlooking the grounds on 77th street.  We hear some of the employees, once vegetarians, now crave our beef jerky!

Western Sky's Jerky Co. was featured in The Modesto Bee! goes "wild" over our alligator and other jerkies. You've heard of a microbrewery. Western Sky's is the world's best microjerkery and we're expanding all the time! Take a walk on the wild side with our exotic alligator jerky -- click here. Our new Antelope Jerky is also available on our Game Jerky product page. All our jerky tastes like it is right off the barbecue!

Western Sky's Jerky Co. was also featured in CHOW Magazine as a "manly snack" that everyone will enjoy.

Support Our Troops -- Buy Some Jerky!

Over the last couple years, we have been approached by members of our military who not only want some delicious, high-energy jerky, but also a taste of a familiar snack while they're away from their family and friends. SSgt Moore recently sent us this plaque and American Flag in appreciation of all that you have done for our troops through Western Sky's Jerky.

One soldier wrote, "Hello, my name is SSGT Moore and I am a Marine stationed at Al Asad Airbase in Iraq. I noticed that you ask people to donate beef jerky to the troops over here. I would like to know if you could add my unit to the list. Here at Al Asad there is only one brand of "jerky" for sale at the PX, but we want really good jerky like yours. I am already buying some from you all to have sent out here for myself. If anyone wants to donate some jerky to my unit the address is provided below. Any amount large or small is would be great as we don't have a very good selection."

Many average citizens have also told us that they want to give our troops all the support they can.   To do our part, Western Sky's Jerky has arranged to ship your jerky donations to legitimate Troop Support Hubs throughout the USA.   All military personal information is kept in the strictest confidence for security purposes.   So, your donation can be made by writing "Ship Jerky to the Troops" in the comments area of your order.   We'll do the rest!   We have plenty of APO/FPO addresses who would love the surprise of jerky just showing up as a present.   Let our fine military men and women who are fighting to preserve liberties and freedoms know you care.

Our Beef Jerky and Jerky products do not contain the usual preservatives found in most commercial jerky.
  • Western Sky's rides above the rest when it comes to taste and quality.
  • Western Sky's uses only ingredients found in your own kitchen.
  • Western Sky's has enjoyed many years of serving our faithful customers.
    Thank you for your business!

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