About Us

Western Sky's Jerky was started years ago based on two principles: Taste and Quality. Our products are made and packaged under USDA inspection. The buffalo, elk, and venison jerky are slow smoked. The smell of hickory and pine lingers throughout the area for miles. Our jerky has unprecedented flavor, texture, and packaging. Our holistic management techniques help us to grow healthy herds and produce high quality meat, while also improving the quality of the land where the buffalo graze. We strive for excellence in all that we do.

Western Sky's Jerky owner and founder started cooking in the fine dining business when he was 14 years old. He traveled the countryside learning as much as he could from some of the greatest chefs. He took his skills from the Hiltons to the Alaskan sport and fishing camps.

One evening at a Rocky Mountain resort, one of his plates came back from the waitress. Keep in mind that none of his plates had EVER come back! It was a plate of Tureen of Duck Foie Gras with three layers of truffles topped with a port wine butter sauce, sprinkled with shaved pistachios. The cooks left the kitchen as his face turned red. The waitress, with watery eyes said, "Chef, they want you to cut up the meat. It was for a French couples' poodle (dog) that was under the table while they were dining."

Steam was coming out of his nose as he grabbed his 15-inch Chef's knife and literally chopped through the fine china plate. He scraped it all on a serving tray and told the waitress to, "Go Feed the Dog!" as he threw in his white towel.

The owner was crying knowing that he had just lost the greatest Chef in the world. He asked, "What are you going to do?" He replied, "I'm going to start a gourmet jerky company." He has never had a bag of my gourmet jerky come back since.

Western Sky's Jerky was born! But why "Western Sky's?" Read on...

Smokie Jack was riding across the steep, rough terrain of the San Won Padre Se Snoran Desert when suddenly his horse was spooked. It reared up and threw him off. With the wind knocked out of him, he wondered why he'd had so many tequillas and ate so many buritos, when suddenly a sidewinding, diamond eyed cobra rat snake bit him in the neck. He was starting to go delirious when suddendly a surf monkey pulled up in a red 73 Super Beetle with a snowboard sticking out of the passenger window.

The sand surfer turned down his birdy music and yelled, "Dude, what's up?"

Smokie Jack replied, "I know one thing for sure. My horse is rearin' and kickin'. You got anything for my dry mouth, boy?"

The sand surfer said, "I'll peel down to Abu's Liquor store. I need a can of chew anyway. I'll be back in five minutes, dude."

The free bird fled away leaving a brown dust shrouding Smokie Jack's last few minutes of air on earth. The minutes felt like years, then suddenly, Jack heard eagle music flying back with a grinding skid landing, creating another beautiful sand wave shroud over Smoke Jack's rest stop while sand surfer was squirting water in his dry, muddy mouth.

After a few swallows of dirty water, Smokie Jack asked the surf monkey, "What's your name?"

Sand surfer replied, "Mike James Dude."

Smokie Jack said, "Mr. Dude, take off my boots."

Mike did as he was told, and in the left boot was Smokie Jack's thin black leather notebook full of his secret jerky formulas.

Smokie Jack said in his last tequilla breath, "Mr. James, take my recipe book, my horse Layla, my gun, and boots. But, do not change a thing in these recipes. You must carry on the tradition boy!"

Mike said, "Wait a breath here. What should I call these jerky recipes?"

Jack pointed to the $29.99 Western Style Inn billboard or the awesome sunset in the sky. I never was sure about that, but today Western Sky's Jerky Co. is thankful for meeting Smokie Jack, Dude.